“Digital media and communication" is our speciality, and we have put together a broad spectrum of know-how with talents from every relevant field to ensure this.
  • Digital Strategy

    We cannot help but think strategically! Many of us have a background in strategic development and consulting, where we developed concepts for clients in a variety of sectors by reflecting on successful business models, realizing business objectives in a digital space, and producing content strategies – among many other things.

    • Market analysis
    • (Digital) business models
    • Channel strategies
    • Social media strategies
    • Content strategies
    • Success analysis
    • Multi-device strategies



  • Websites, Portals & Online Shops

    We combine competent advice on the right online strategy with smooth project progress. Our years of experience with websites large and small, portals, blogs and online shops (TYPO3, Liferay, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento,..) in various sectors have prepared us to be able to offer you all these services as a single supplier – as a full-service agency. This guarantees close coordination between concept, design, and implementation and underscores what is really important to us: that digital products are straightforward and intuitive in their handling – and that you meet your communication and sales goals.

    • Wireframes & prototyping
    • Information architecture
    • User experience
    • User-Interface-Design
    • Responsive & mobile websites
    • SEO
    • Standard-compliant, CMS-based implementation
    • Systems integration



  • User Experience, Usability & Software Ergonomics

    No matter how complicated the processes in the background are, digital platforms should be simple and clear to the user and provide them with the best possible user experience. To achieve this requires a clear, structural perspective and as much information as possible on potential users. We seek to utilize extensive target audience research and professional usability tests to determine the best possible handling of our interfaces.

    • Concept
    • Interaction design
    • User-Experience-Design (UX-design)
    • Interface design
    • Information architecture
    • Wireframes & prototyping 
    • Usability-testing
    • Uselab




  • Mobile

    Always stay connected with your users – this is best achieved through impressive mobile applications. We create and develop native, hybrid or web-based apps for smartphones and tablets.

    We also ensure that your website is fully operable on mobile devices to make it as future-proof as possible. Ideally, this means that it could be used on devices that haven’t yet even been invented. Whether a “responsive design” or a mobile website – we are happy to advise you on the best multi-device-strategy to suit your needs.

    •  Apps (smartphone, tablet) 
    • “Responsive web design“ & mobile websites
    • Multi-device-strategies 
  • Digital Marketing

    We create and design digital marketing campaigns – from scratch, stand-alone or interlocked with classic campaigns. To do this we always focus on how to efficiently address the user and take care of handling and performance measurement.

    • Campaign creation (display advertising, mobile marketing, social media,…)
    • Design and implementation of advertising material
    • Creation and implementation of landing-pages & promotional sites
    • Performance controlling
    • Media planning
    • SEO & SEM
    • Newsletter marketing



  • Social Media / Content Marketing

    You are only able to utilize the viral force of social networks if you have a strong channel and content strategy. We develop concepts tailored to your target audience that further the dialogue with your clients. With applications and campaigns that we develop and implement, we support the impact of your social media strategy.

    • Social media strategy
    • Campaign creation
    • Content strategy and development
    • Editing
    • Social customer service



  • Intranet & Extranet

    Intranets and extranets are important tools for your employees and partners. Therefore, we provide solutions that make work as pleasant and efficient as possible. We ensure that your new home base works with your company office by integrating it into your IT landscape smoothly. In doing so, your intranet or extranet is well prepared for future extensions. In addition to providing the concept and the implementation (based on, for example, Microsoft Sharepoint, Liferay or IBM Websphere), we can also assist in the introduction management of your new system.


    Are you interested? Learn more about our Intranet Services!

    • Intranet and extranet platforms
    • Knowledge management
    • Document administration
    • Collaboration
    • Social Intranet
    • Systems integration
    • Process management
    • Introduction management



  • Smart TV

    Smart TV is not only the future, it is the present. We develop concepts and designs for Smart TV apps that are easy to handle even for untrained users. And we implement them too of course: “Fonda Web quality” for “big screens”. While developing interfaces we try to keep in mind how traditional TV programs are watched. We think that anything that is substantially more complicated than switching channels or volume control is unnecessary, so we keep it simple.

    • Smart TV apps
    • Multi-Device strategies
    • "Responsive web design"
  • Classic Advertising

    From campaign planning to creation and implementation to efficiency analysis – we do everything a classic campaign needs.

    • Campaign creation (TV, print, radio, outdoor ...)
    • Design and implementation of advertising material
    • Performance controlling
    • Media planning
  • Motion Design

    Sometimes pictures move more than a thousand words. Using animations, visualizations, videos and event-visuals we convey stories in an especially emotional way. The results can be used on TV, in film, advertising, at events, or online.


    Are you interested? Learn more about video production at Fonda.

    Examples can be found on YouTube.

    • Script and direction
    • Visualization
    • Animation concept
    • Compositing and Post-Production
    • TV-design & motion-style-Guides
  • Branding & Design

    Good branding casts a positive light on a company’s personality and visually communicates what it is all about. Our designers develop brand identities that reflect the entire spectrum of your values.

    For us, the core of your identity will provide the basis for the design in every project, across all media, so that you can reach your target audience with reliably consistent recognizable messages.

    • Brand development & branding
    • Corporate design (print, digital, TV, advertising) 
    • Style-guides
    • User-interface-design
    • User-experience-design