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The brand personality is the guiding star around which the entire design cosmos revolves – from corporate design and service design to the GUI of digital touchpoints.


How Do You Develop a Brand?

Nothing works without branding. Without a strong identity, there is no attention, no recognition, no differentiation from the competition, no trust. This must be stated clearly. A convincing brand, on the other hand, conveys the value proposition of a product or a service at a glance.

A Solid Brand Personality as a Sustainable Basis

We support our customers with solid branding know-how to make their brand relevant and attractive – and take them through all the steps to achieve this goal: from the development of a brand identity to a future-proof corporate design.

This firm foundation is formed by a solid, timeless brand personality, which we define with authentic brand values. We build upon this brand personality to enable a consistent brand management: brand name, claim, corporate design, employer branding activities, and much more.

Rejuvenation of Existing Brands

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can very often build on existing brand concepts, which we professionally bring up to date with a great deal of finesse.

Brand Development from S to XL

In the case of smaller companies, brand development can proceed quite quickly and pragmatically without compromising accuracy. Discussions with the client and accompanying research provide us with the necessary information.

For larger organizations, we apply a defined, scientifically based brand development process that combines various components to build a truly sustainable brand:

  • Thorough Market Research
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Co-creation Methods
  • Intensive Involvement of End Customers and Employees

Brand First, Design Second

The brand and its identity are essential prerequisites for the further design processes in which services, apps, websites and other touchpoints are designed. We make a point of ensuring that our designs are durable and easily adaptable to future requirements.

Among other specialist areas of good design, at FONDA we cover the following:

Corporate Design: the Common Thread in Communication

To communicate a brand consistently and recognizably across all media channels – digital, print, ATL (above-the-line), social – a strong corporate design is needed. We develop memorable, unmistakable logos and forward-looking corporate design concepts that are also guaranteed to optimally function digitally.

Service Design: Guarantee for Optimal Customer Journeys

Long overlooked, it is now very clear that services must also be well designed in order to convince the end customer. Our service designers take a holistic view of the entire customer journey in order to optimize all aspects of the customer experience.

It’s not just about websites and mobile apps, it’s about the entire system behind them. This includes the procedures and processes within a company as well as all touchpoints with customers.

UX and UI Design: They Rock!

With GUI (Graphic User Interface) you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Everything simply must fit – and immediately appeal to the end customer. This is what our UI designers are good at, and they and pay special attention to ease of use, whether it’s for an app, a website or another digital platform. An essential prerequisite for a GUI that rocks is a well thought-out UX design, which our experts develop using state-of-the-art methods – from user research and wireframes to clickable prototypes.


Motion Design: More Movement for Brands!

The trend has been unbroken for years: images are getting bigger – and more moving. As important as texts are in the right places, moving images are increasingly essential. Our motion design experts create moving images for the web, apps and TV, emphasizing the modernity and dynamism of a brand.

EIn Portrait von FONDA Geschäftsführer Hans Auer mit Kamera
Hans Auer.
Managing Director, Design, Project Managemant

Reference Projects.

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Eine Illustration von drei Zahnrädern.
Strong Brand Presence
Eine Illustration von drei Zahnrädern.
Strong Brand Presence
Further development of brand presence, claim, website and campaigns for a Viennese law firm.
Logo von VOR
Next Stop: New Brand Identity
Logo von VOR
Next Stop: New Brand Identity
Brand and CD development for Austria's largest transport association
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