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In the analogue world, maps show you the way. In the digital world, you need an exceptional digital strategy to achieve your goals.


Customer X at the Centre

For us, the customer rules. And by “customer” we mean our customers. A digital strategy that does not radically focus on customer experience is possible, but pointless. Especially when it comes to strategic issues, an insider’s perspective doesn’t provide any answers. We help our customers to take on the perspective of their customers and to develop a digital strategy that meets real needs.

A Strategy is Only as Good as its Implementation

We don’t dazzle our customers with bullshit buzzwords or promise them the moon. We provide a high level of consulting where competence meets craftsmanship that can clearly be seen – with UX, design, technology and the accompanying communication that bring the strategy to full development. We know what is realistically possible – and what belongs in the realm of “digital fairy tales”.

Real Opportunities through Digitization

With us by their side, our customers can take advantage of very real opportunities arising from digitization. Depending on the industry and company, these can be new revenue streams through new digital services and products as well as increasing efficiency in sales and customer service through automation and gaining access to new markets and customer groups.

A Real Trend or Short-lived Hype?

The various facets of digitization present companies with very different challenges. It brings disruption to some, a strong impact on business to others. But one thing is crucial for everyone to be competitive: you have to be at the forefront, recognize trends early on (and distinguish them from short-lived hypes), and adjust your business accordingly.

Experience Meets Fresh Ideas

We have a number of examples of this. We strategically planned the introduction of a new digital service for a freight forwarding company. We have identified suitable customer touchpoints for an industrial company. For a financial services provider we developed a roadmap for the digital transformation of its customer communications. We can name many more examples and would be happy to do so over a cup of coffee in a personal conversation.

Always Very Close to the Customer

We can also talk about how we approach strategic concepts and think about successful, digital business models for a wide variety of industries, how we formulate and implement corporate goals in the digital space, and how we can digitally transform business processes.

When developing a strategy we work intensively with our customers, coordinate closely with their stakeholders, and take into account the expectations and wishes of their users (as though they were our own).

Three Steps to a Digital Strategy

1. Get to Know Users and the Market Situation

A truly good strategy doesn’t poke around in the fog, but relies on good data and facts. We use the most appropriate methods for our user research and analyses:

2. Develop a Professional Digital Strategy

How can we be sure that a strategy fits to your company? Quite simply: we work closely with our clients throughout the entire process. With joint workshops we are be able to develop a focused and effective digital strategy on the following topics:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Development or adaptation of a digital business model
  • Digital Growth Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Omnichannel
  • Content Strategy
  • Partnering

3. Competent Implementation Support

What does the best strategy count for if it can’t be implemented or if it wastes customer experience opportunities? Exactly nothing! That’s why we also think about how a digital strategy can be implemented in concrete projects.

If we were mistaken in our strategic thinking for digital transformation, we would very likely have to pay for it ourselves. Because we also implement strategically important projects for most customers – complete with a comprehensive service design concept, well thought-out UX, a fresh design, and state-of-the-art digital technology.

But naturally we are also available to support implementation by third parties, because, for example, a customer has their own IT department or preferred implementation partners. With reviews and as advisory members of the project team, we ensure that the projects are implemented in line with the strategy.

What Next?

A digital strategy is the basis for a solid solution concept. For more information, see Service Design & Customer Experience, eCommerce and Online Marketing.

Alexander Reiberger.
Managing Director, Concept

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OeKB Logo vor sonniger Berglandschaft
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