UX- & UI-Design

It always takes two for a really good experience: an excellent user experience (UX) and an optimal user interface (UI).


It’s All About Experience

It’s the experience that counts. Namely, the experience that users, customers and employees have with your brand at various touchpoints. There’s a lot at stake when it comes to UX (user experience), CX (customer experience), and EX (employee experience), regardless of where the contact with the brand happens: in an app, on a website or terminal, by phone or in a store – anywhere.

Four Disciplines for the X-factor at all Touchpoints

We are an experienced UX agency and can help you with four disciplines to design an outstanding “experience” to strengthen your brand in the long term.

1. User Research: What Users Really Want

There is always a gap between what you think users want and what they really want. We know this from more than 200 user research projects.

Our portfolio of methods is well maintained so that we can apply the right combination for each project, e.g.:

Only when we have a clear picture of the needs and preferences of users are we satisfied. Then we can build everything else on a solid basis.

2. User Experience (UX) Design: To the Point

The optimal user experience (UX) lies in the “sweet spot” between the dimensions of user needs, economic goals, and technical framework conditions. Our UX designers always have these three dimensions in mind when they develop the information architecture, including sketches, wireframes and prototypes (click dummies), which serve as the basis for coordination with stakeholders and for user testing, but also as a template for the graphic design (the GUI) and serve as documentation of the requirements for technical implementation.

3. User Interface (UI) Design: Love at First Sight

Users decide at the speed of light whether they love an application or not. The decisive factor is the quality of the graphical user interface (GUI) – or in other words: the design must be convincing from the very first second. Our UI designers achieve this by first creating a basic UI design based on a well thought-out UX design and then designing all page types and modules for apps, websites and terminals, in an agile dialogue with the customer.

Our designers are always a step ahead. This keeps their designs young for a long time. To ensure that the new digital application blends in harmoniously with the range of other media channels, we naturally take an existing corporate design into account.

4. Usability Review and Testing: The Acid Test

Your own judgment is good, but objective results are better. That’s why our usability experts thoroughly check the usability of all new developments. With expert reviews and usability tests, problems can be diagnosed in good time. Of course, our usability team also provides optimization suggestions. By the way: we not only offer thorough usability reviews and tests for projects that we are developing. We are also happy to put digital applications that already exist to the test.

User Experience, User Interface Design, Web Design

If the user interface (UI) design doesn’t rock, success won’t follow. While that might be clear, it’s less clear what other factors also play an important role in assessing user experience (UX). This includes being able to find the app or website, the right wording, an understandable structure, short loading times, transparent processes, and much more.

Therefore, we do not see UX/UI design as a merged function, but rather as two very different disciplines, each of which is practiced by dedicated experts.

PS: The “Classic Web Designer” doesn’t Exist Anymore

Because we are sometimes asked: classic web designers like those in the early 2000s, who did everything from conception, UX and UI design, to programming, are already a thing of the past. Today, the skill sets required for all these individual specialist areas are too extensive for a single person to be able to develop high-quality digital products.

Ein Portrait von FONDA Mitarbeiter Sina Jonas beim Wasserkochen
Sina Benjamin Jonas.

Reference Projects.

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Hier sieht man das Logo der FH Salzburg.
What Students Really Want
FH Salzburg
Hier sieht man das Logo der FH Salzburg.
What Students Really Want
FH Salzburg
Conception, design and front-end development of the website for one of the most innovative universities of applied sciences in Austria.
Der Viewport der mobilen VOR-Website auf einem Smartphone vor einem gebrandeten VOR-Bus.
Online Transportation Network
Der Viewport der mobilen VOR-Website auf einem Smartphone vor einem gebrandeten VOR-Bus.
Online Transportation Network
Conception, design and implementation of the vor.at websites
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