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"Data is the new oil" as the saying goes. For us, data about user behaviour is, above all, the oil that makes the UX even smoother - and ensures more conversions.


What can We do for You?

Data on user behaviour can be used to identify what drives users and how an offer needs to be designed so that it is really well received. Proactive web analysis – naturally within the framework of legal requirements – will continue to be the basis for successful action in the digital space in the future.

We support our customers in developing and implementing sustainable tracking infrastructures and optimizing their web presence in line with their individual business goals. This includes the following core disciplines:

  • Online tracking / web analytics
  • Development and implementation of customized tracking strategies
  • Optimization of conversion rates

Meaningful Online Tracking, implemented in Compliance with GDPR

The framework for GDPR-compliant tracking is changing rapidly. Nevertheless, compliant web analytics solutions are possible. All that is needed is precise preparation and an awareness of the opportunities and risks. We help identify suitable systems (Google Analytics, Matomo, eTracker, etc.) and embed them in your digital infrastructure.

Tracking Audit with FONDA

In four simple steps we arrive at a suitable strategy for meaningful web analytics:

  • A joint meeting to determine your tracking or web analytics needs
  • Deriving suitable tracking solutions or creating an optimization plan for existing systems – with anonymous data, without PII
  • Advice on the implementation of GDPR-compliant tracking.
  • Developing a strategy for your web analytics.

Server-side Tracking without Third-party Cookies

There are many conceptual and technical approaches to web analytics that are sustainable for companies and users. One of them is server-side tracking. Tracking is set up in such a way that the use of third-party cookies is practically a thing of the past. In addition, much more control can be exercised over the transmitted data. An example of this is the complete removal of IP addresses before they are sent to Google Analytics.

Measure what Matters

Apart from complying with GDPR, the most important thing when setting up a tracking system is the right strategy and proper implementation. Because if you think about what really matters early on, you will get a more efficient tool that provides new, reliable insights into user behaviour and performance every day. The basis for this is a solid tracking concept that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Step by Step to Perfect Tracking

Definition of the Main and Secondary Objectives (SMART)
How do we know that we are measuring the right thing? By the KPIs, which we determine first and foremost based on the goals (macro and micro conversions) and determine which metrics are the key performance indicators.
Make a Tracking Plan
The tracking plan clarifies which "events" should be measured and why this is important. It provides an overview of all important functions, features, etc. that are crucial to achieving the set goals.
Set up or Customize Tracking
Once it is clear what is required and how it should be determined, our technicians implement the tracking in your systems. And do this in a way that you are used to from FONDA: with clean code and well documented.
Monitoring, Data-driven Iteration and Reporting
On your behalf, we monitor and improve the tracking where it makes sense. Iterative improvements can only be made once the system is fed with real data.
Set-up of Individual Dashboards.
Who wants information that is not needed at all? We adapt the dashboards exactly to the needs of the customers so that they can easily gather all relevant information.

Stay Ahead with Conversion Optimization

The information from tracking is valuable. But it is not of value in itself, it is a means to an end. The aim is to lead the user to act without disruptions in the user experience. In short, it’s about conversion optimization.

With conversion optimization, all levels along the conversion funnel are examined. To do this, we look at all the analogue or digital action steps that a user goes through until the action goal is reached. The action goal can be, for example, that a user registers or buys something.

Funnel Analysis as a Proven Method

Funnel analysis is a very good way to formulate, implement and test optimization hypotheses. To do this, we take the following five steps in consultation with our customers:

  • Identification and analysis of funnel levels
  • Formulation of recommendations for action (hypotheses) in coordination with the goals of the tracking strategy
  • Adaptation of assets (advertising materials, website modules, content elements, etc.)
  • Set up and execute testing (e.g. A/B testing)
  • Evaluate results and implement accordingly

AI chatbots as a conversion booster

The use of well-trained AI chatbots can help to significantly increase conversion – both in e-commerce and in recruitment. Together with our technology partner Onlim, we support you in the design, training and integration of AI chatbots on your website or app. You decide which data sources the chatbot should access. We ensure that your chatbot does not “hallucinate”, but gives correct and precise answers and is implemented in compliance with the GDPR.

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