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People used to make conversations in person to initiate business success. Today, people are on social media.


Social Media is the Real Mass Media

Social media has permeated all areas of life. The average time people spend on social media every day is steadily growing and in many customer segments social media is by far the dominant channel – sometimes even the only one. No other medium allows such a powerful combination of targeting and monitoring.

Social Media Presence: Clearly, but with a Strategy Please

A well-thought-out social media presence that can flexibly adapt to constant changes must therefore be a matter of course for most organizations and companies – but with a sense of proportion and on the basis of a clear objective and strategy.

More Credibility with Better Content Marketing

Successful marketing relies on attractive content instead of self-congratulation and pure product communication. Many companies have been demonstrating this approach for some time now, especially Red Bull for example.

Intelligent content marketing can address target groups that can barely be reached with classic advertising. A company’s brand can be charged with positive attributes and the SEO effect is enormous.

We take on Content Marketing and Social Media Services

Regardless of whether you want to get started with content marketing and social media or want to expand or optimize your current activities, we support you with everything it takes to define a successful content marketing strategy and implement it on the right channels – not least on social media.

1. Analysis and Monitoring

Using a tried-and-tested catalogue of questions, our specialist editors conduct extensive research. We present an overview of the most important questions here.

Pre-setup Questions

For the initial analyses, we use online tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, “Social Mention” and Hootsuite.

  • What is being said about the industry, your company, and your competitors and where is it being said?
  • How do other players design their social media presence?
  • What do internationally comparable social media presences look like?
  • Best practice analysis: Who is doing it particularly well?
  • Which audience visits which channels? How much involvement can we expect from these target groups? Who are the opinion leaders?

Questions for Ongoing Optimization During Operation

With such dynamic channels like social media, especially, staying on top of things is key. Only careful monitoring ensures the desired success.

  • Which social media channels perform best?
  • Which topics generate the most resonance?
  • Which postings only bring reach, and which actual conversions?

Monitoring in the Context of all channels

Social media is only one instrument in the large orchestra of all marketing measures. Social media monitoring can therefore only provide a reliable picture if it is embedded in cross-channel monitoring and includes all marketing and communication channels such as SEA, display, newsletter, and SEO.

2. Carefully choosing Strategies and Platforms

Content is king and social media can be its magnificent palace. However, even a palace has chambers where one ends up speaking to oneself all alone. The point is to be present where your message is heard and its goals are supported by an audience. Otherwise, the old, tiresome saying applies: a waste of time and effort.

A Social Media Strategy with all Parameters

To make your social media activities as effective and efficient as possible, you first need a good strategy. Based on a solid analysis, our marketing strategists develop a strategy that defines the objectives including KPIs, target groups, core messages and relevant channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat).

The Litmus Test: Cost-benefit Analysis

We develop a strategy together with you and are happy to implement it and continuously check how it is working. An honest cost-benefit analysis is very important to us.


A Good Strategy need not be Elaborate

For smaller companies and organizations, a joint workshop followed by a brief analysis and the creation of a roadmap describing the right steps to social media success is sufficient for strategy development.

Examples of Different Strategic Orientations

Adapting social media activities precisely to the intended goals is clearly worthwhile. In this way, considerable results can be achieved with relatively little day-to-day effort. Some examples:

  • Lead generation via optimized LinkedIn profiles for sales staff to make outreach sales
  • An Instagram channel for better employer branding
  • Support for press relations with the help of a Twitter account
  • Presence in a younger target group with the help of TikTok

3. Content Creation: It’s always about the Content

Nowhere else is the attractiveness of content as crucial to its distribution as on social media. We produce social media postings, exciting texts, videos and photos, as well as podcasts and newsletter content, based on the previously defined core messages and objectives.

4. Set Up on all Channels

As soon as the strategy is in place and the first content has been produced, we can get started. We set up your channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), develop an editorial plan either independently or together with you, and ensure seamless tracking right from the start.

5. Ongoing Support: Also Possible on a Selective Basis

If you wish, our experienced editors can take care of the entire process of managing and monitoring your social media channels. We are also happy to provide selective support for your social media team, for example during the holiday season or for special focuses.

6. Social Ads for more Organic Growth

Targeted placement of social ads almost always significantly increases the organic success of social media activities. We would be happy to support you in planning your budget in a targeted manner and consider your other online marketing channels (SEA, SEO, display, newsletter, etc.) for a holistic media mix.

7. Social Media Training and Workshops

Every social media channel has its own rules. In our training courses, we explain the peculiarities of the various channels and train your employees to use social media effectively and efficiently. Using concrete examples from everyday life, we train the entire range of social media in practical exercises.

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