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More visibility on the Internet means more success: This is our promise as an SEO agency.


An SEO Agency with a Wide Range of Offers

Our SEO experts are involved in all the disciplines of search engine optimization. In addition to classic website optimization, which improves the position of your website in Google search rankings, we also effectively support our customers in increasing the findability of their products on Google Shopping and their store locations on Google Maps. And, of course, we can be involved right from the start of a website relaunch, taking into consideration all the requirements of SEO.

SEA pays for Itself

Organic traffic through SEO is great, but in many cases this is not enough. It is almost always worthwhile to additionally invest in traffic management and in search engine advertising (SEA). With our relevant expertise, we are able to design your SEA campaigns with maximum impact and additionally use other online marketing methods.

Our SEO Services for your Success

To exploit all the advantages that modern SEO offers, a whole bundle of expertise is required, which we, as an experienced SEO agency, are happy to offer our customers.

SEO Check

Our SEO experts analyse your website or online shop, identify errors or imperfections, and make qualified suggestions for optimization.

SEO Strategy

Tailored to your company’s goals, target groups, and offerings, we work together with you to define an SEO strategy that makes all the difference.

Topic and Keyword Research

Based on the defined SEO strategy, our SEO experts identify the topics and terms which should be focused on.

Onsite Optimization

The right keywords are very important, but by no means everything. We optimize your website, taking into account all the parts that make up a good website: after our onsite optimization, the information architecture, texts and “targeted elements” are optimally tailored to SEO requirements. The technical implementation does the rest.

SEO-oriented Text Design and Editing

Our SEO experts and our copywriters work closely together as an unbeatable team to produce brand and SEO-friendly content. During the filling process, our trained editors make sure that the content is entered into the CMS in an SEO-friendly manner and that all “targeted elements” such as page titles, descriptions, and much more are taken into

Continuous SEO support

SEO is not a sprint. It’s an endurance run, and our SEO experts can help you easily keep up with it as competent partners. We keep a constant eye on your digital offerings and optimize them whenever necessary, thus ensuring a sustainably optimal Google ranking.

SEO for Google Shopping

We optimize your online store for Google Shopping so that your products can be prominently found there, and we are also happy to implement your Google Shopping campaigns.

SEO for Google Maps

We improve the visibility of your retail stores or other facilities on Google Maps.


It’s all about the SERP

The goal of every SEO optimization is to be listed on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google ranking depends on many factors. Some of them are:

  • The right keywords: our SEO experts identify the relevant keywords and brief the copywriters for targeted copywriting.
  • The optimal user experience (UX): the worse the UX, the more bounces from the page. Google measures this and ranks pages with poor UX at the bottom.
  • Mobile optimization and page speed: an important part of the UX is, of course, perfect usability with smartphones and the loading speed of the page.
  • The backlinks, i.e. those links that lead to the page from other websites: the more frequently and prominently a page is referred to, the higher its relevance and the higher it is ranked on the SERP.

For Optimal SEO when Relaunching a Website

Search engine optimization is a cross-sectional discipline that must be considered at several points within the framework of a website project from the very beginning. To ensure that SEO is taken into account in all disciplines of a website project, our SEO experts are involved from the start of the project.

Determine the SEO Status of the Previous Website
As a first step, our SEO experts analyse the existing website: How is it performing? What mistakes are there that need to be avoided during the relaunch? These can be server errors or mark-up errors, but also completely different errors such as "duplicate content" or "canonical" errors.
Develop the SEO Strategy
Our SEO strategists find answers to the following questions: What is the objective? What are the main target groups? How should the website behave SEO-wise in the context of other online marketing channels such as SEA or social?
Determination of the Domain / URL Structure
The composition of the Internet addresses also plays an important role in SEO. Therefore, these topics must also be dealt with: Should subdomains be used? What do the domains of dynamic pages look like?
Considering SEO in the Information Architecture
When building and designing the website, a lot of good can be done for SEO. The prerequisite is considering the following questions: According to which categories is the content structured? How deep is the structure? What does the page layout look like? Have the particularly SEO-relevant elements been created correctly?
Programming Clean and SEO Friendly Code
How well the SEO concept works also depends on technical implementations. When testing and debugging, we always ask ourselves: Are all the technical requirements for SEO met?
Briefing, Checking Texting and Editing
The copywriters always receive extensive information on the relevant keywords in the briefing. Once the texts are ready, our SEO experts carefully check them again with the following questions: Are the relevant keywords used? Are the "targeted elements" such as H1, page title, description, etc. set correctly?
Implement a Clean Launch
During the launch, we pay attention to many things so that the course is set correctly: For example, have all 301 redirects been correctly recorded and set up?
Perform Postlaunch Check and Optimizations
After the launch, the work of our SEO experts is not over yet because some things can only be recognized in real operation: Are the redirects correct? How is the SEO performance developing? How can performance be improved?
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Eine Illustration von drei Zahnrädern.
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