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If a picture says more than a thousand words, what can a video say? In principle, a lot, but only if you put a lot of love and experience into conception and implementation.


Videos for any Purpose

Today, more than ever, moving images have an attraction that can be used in an extremely wide range of ways. We also support you with all other types of videos such as branded entertainment, corporate TV, product videos, event videos and much more.

Step by Step to the Top Spot

Integration into Communication Strategy or Campaign
A video rarely stands alone, it is usually a part of an overarching communications strategy or campaign. We therefore plan the interaction between video and other campaign elements in terms of content and design very carefully.
Designing an Intelligent and Far-reaching Storyline
500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Against this sheer flood of moving images, your own video must first assert itself. The way to do this is to come up with a really strong, compelling story.
Using Images, Movement, Language, and Audio Appropriate to the Media
The formally perfect implementation of the story depending on the objective, target group and media channel is multi-layered and accordingly requires diverse expertise. Videos that are primarily consumed on smartphones, for example, follow completely different guidelines than those produced for TV.
Optimizing Loading Time and Transmission Quality
The best video is useless if it doesn't load on your smartphone. Therefore, we ensure a balance between good technical quality and low data volume. To achieve this, we select the right codec and video format and ensure a flawless implementation.
Reliably Reaching Target Groups
Imagine you produce a video and nobody watches it. That's why we think about the distribution strategy right from the start of every video project. With well thought-out media planning and proven tools such as social media marketing, online PR and referral marketing, we ensure the desired reach in the relevant target group.

Harnessing the Power of Photography

The power of images is indisputable. The impact of this power naturally depends on the quality of the images used. It is therefore worth investing in very good photographic material that powerfully supports the brand and the brand message.

Good pictures are unique and convince through their authenticity. They fit into a well-considered image concept that is 100% in line with the communication goals. We almost always recommend a photo shoot to our customers after a briefing that is precisely tailored to the communication concept and the visual language. This is because stock photos rarely meet the quality criteria and can drag down an elaborate campaign. Although the cheap photos flooding the market are very cheap, they are anything but distinctive.

Unique Storytelling in Words and Pictures

Good storytelling needs good texts. That is clear. But it also needs good images just as much, if not more so. This is because pictures convey at a glance what it’s all about – or not. Photographs should tell a unique story and convey authenticity. We work with several photographers who specialize in different sub-disciplines of photography. Depending on the requirements resulting from the image concept, we make the pre-selection for our customers.

Technical Requirements for Modern Photography

Most modern websites are designed to be responsive. In many cases, this means that the photograph must be scaled so that the subject looks attractive in any image size and on any device. If you don’t take this into account, essential parts of the subject can be cut off by the automated recalculation of the image size.

Our experienced photographers are also given precise technical briefings so that they can take this issue into account during the photo shoot. Professional photographers can also use special formats, such as an extreme wide format for a page hero, in an individual shoot.

Services to Make your Photos really Click

  • Development of a brand-appropriate, independent image concept as a briefing for a photo shoot or image search from stock photo providers
  • Selection and briefing of a photographer who is suitable for the specific requirements
  • Joint determination of locations for the photo shoot
  • If necessary, recruitment of performers/models
  • Art-Direction während des Shootings für die zuverlässige Qualitätskontrolle
  • Post-processing of photos (especially for use on responsive interfaces)
  • Agreement on rights so that you can use the photos without any worries
EIn Portrait von FONDA Geschäftsführer Hans Auer mit Kamera
Hans Auer.
Managing Director, Design, Project Managemant

Reference Projects.

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Zwei Studentinnen schauen von der WU Wien
People and Architecture
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Zwei Studentinnen schauen von der WU Wien
People and Architecture
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Extensive photoshoot for print and digital
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Das Logo des Meduni Iwen vor einem Foto aus einem behandlungszimmer
Digital Communication - approx. 150 Websites
Medical University Vienna
Das Logo des Meduni Iwen vor einem Foto aus einem behandlungszimmer
Digital Communication - approx. 150 Websites
Medical University Vienna
Conception, design and technical implementation of the university's website family
Medical University Vienna
01 06