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Digital Strategy and Website Family for Charity and Social Justice

Diakonie is organized charity and commitment to social justice. With around 600 locations, Diakonie is one of the largest social organizations in Austria. With more than 9,000 full-time employees and numerous volunteers, it works in a wide variety of social areas: it supports people in difficult life situations, promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities and refugees in society, accompanies the elderly and invests in educational opportunities for children, young people, and adults – to name just a few of its many activities.

New digital strategy and new online platform: based on a comprehensive strategy process, the digital activities and platforms of Diakonie were completely reorganized

Viewport der Diakonie Website in Desktop, Tablet und Mpbile Auflösung

Five Become One.

The different websites of the Austrian Diakonie-Werke were dissolved and united on a new common platform www.diakonie.at.

First of all the Strategy

A comprehensive digital strategy was developed for Diakonie’s diverse offerings and broad spectrum of topics, ranging from old age and care to disability and inclusion, flight and asylum, children’s health and education, and poverty reduction and work abroad, which has so far been presented online on five different and independent websites of diaconal supporting organizations..

Then the implementation

Five become one: based on the digital strategy, the different websites of the Austrian Diakonie-Werke were united on a new common platform. All topics and services of the Diakonie in Austria, online fundraising and a job platform were brought together under one roof. Thanks to intelligent links and filter options, users can quickly find all relevant content. The backend was implemented on the basis of the Ibexa content management system.

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Diakonie locations
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“With our new website, Diakonie is showing that this is important to us, this is what we stand up for – and this is how you can support us”

Maria Katharina Moser.
Diakonie Director

Numerous Features and Content

With intelligent content links and filter options to relevant content

Donating, helping, looking for help, collaborating or getting comprehensive information – it must be possible to quickly access the relevant content for all the needs of a diverse user group. Therefore, a separate SEO-optimized area was created for each of the 13 topic areas, which optimally bundles the content and offers from 620 diaconal institutions. Content is linked to each other via categories and tags and can be automatically displayed at relevant points. A sophisticated search function with keywords and filters as well as geographical options also helps users to quickly find the right offer. The regional perspective of the users was also taken into account: the content can be displayed on a state-specific basis.

Jobs with meaning: the new job platform bundles the jobs of all institutions and makes them easily accessible to job seekers.

During the design process, an optimal user experience and an appealing, modern and barrier-free user interface were the top priorities, which also comes into its own on smartphones.

Spendenfunktion der Diakonie Website in Mobile-Auflösung

Seamless Online Fundraising.

Online fundraising is a major focus of the site. Donors can donate easily and securely via the optimized online tool.

“With the joint digital strategy and the joint, modern online platform, Diakonie has made a giant leap. We are grateful that we were able to support this project in a meaningful way.”

Portraitbild des FONDA Geschäftsführers Alexander Reiberger
Alexander Reiberger.
Managing Director, Concept
Viewport der Diakonie Website Laptop
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Mediathek der Diakonie Website
Mediathek der Diakonie Website auf Laptop
Standortsuche der Diakonie Website auf Smartphone
Standortsuche der Diakonie Website auf Tablet
Mediathek der Diakonie Website auf Smartphone

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