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An intranet can do much more than simply provide information about lunch menus. It can be a simple but relevant information platform or a fully-fledged online workplace.


We Love Intranets

We are a passionate intranet agency because most intranet projects are complex. And we love the challenge of building solutions from complex requirements and structures that are simple and clear for users (see also our blog post “10 Tips for Intranet Projects”).

Quantum Leap in Internal Communication

You can notice in daily work life whether an intranet has been successful or not: internal communication improves quickly and productivity increases. After more than 20 intranet projects for companies of different sizes and strategic orientations in internal communication, we can competently support you with the conception, technical implementation, and activities related to an intranet’s launch and ensure that you achieve your goals.


What is an Intranet?

An intranet can be many things: a platform for company news, an employee database, a social network (“social intranet”), a collaboration platform, a knowledge management system – all the way to a complete online workplace that digitally integrates the workflows of our customers. The intranet can be an integrated overall system or a smartly linked bundle of individual solutions.

What Technology is Used?

The range of technical systems is as diverse as the different requirements for intranets. We support a wide range of technologies and select the technology stack that fits the needs and system landscape of our customers.

Beware of License Costs: What do I really need?

License costs are an important factor in the selection of technical systems. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we support our customers in determining the total cost of ownership (TCO). Especially when using several individual SaaS solutions (Software as a Service), the license costs can easily get out of hand.


We most frequently use the following technologies as a base system for intranets:

Depending on your needs, we connect suitable special systems. Examples of these systems are: 

Mobile Intranet and Employee App

Regardless of where, when and with which device: ideally, employees should always have access to the relevant tools and information. After all, mobile use is rapidly increasing in everyday wok life.

This is why we take mobile use into account in all intranet projects and offer our customers precisely tailored solutions that meet all their needs. Depending on the detailed requirements and the security policy, this could be a native app or a progressive web app (PWA). A PWA is a mobile-optimized web version with the look and feel of a smartphone app.

How We Develop Intranets

We at FONDA are known for being responsive to the needs (and idiosyncrasies) of our customers. Nevertheless, we also recognize patterns in the flow of our projects. In the case of intranets, this can be illustrated in the following seven steps.

User Research and Basic Conception
The first question is: what do customers want? And above all: what do their internal customers want? To answer this question we conduct online surveys, interviews, workshops, and focus groups for scoping and requirement engineering. At the same time, we develop the basic technical concept in the form of the information architecture and the content model.
Based on prototypes, we check usability and acceptance at an early stage in order to achieve maximum user-centricity and to be able to build an intranet that will actually be used (and not just for the canteen menu).
System Selection
After we know the functional and non-functional requirements, the internal IT landscape and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), we propose the appropriate technology(s).
Agentur Team in einem Beratungsgespräch mit einem Kunden
UX and UI Design
An intranet is a part of the work environment. It should therefore be designed with this in mind. This can be achieved through user experience design using wireframing and prototyping, as well as a beautiful design of the graphical user interface (GUI) which takes the existing corporate design into account and ensures recognition. A living style guide ensures efficient further development of the intranet.
Skizzen von Wireframes auf einer Pinnwand
Technical Implementation
The agenda now is determining the system architecture, front-end development, programming and system configuration, system integration including all interfaces, a security concept, an authorization concept and much more.
Programmierer arbeitet an Code für eine Website.
Produce, Update, and Migrate Content
An intranet is nothing without content. Editorial planning and governance, copywriting, translation, image concept and selection, editorial training, automated content migration and manual filling are therefore essential stages before launch.
Texterin schreibt sich Ihre Notizen auf einen Block.
Launch Management and Project Marketing
The launch of an intranet must be tactically planned. We very often use friendly user tests, conduct a soft launch, and often accompanying information events. A key issue is the launch communication, while post-launch surveys not only raise awareness of the intranet, but also contribute significantly to its improvement.
Operation, Maintenance and Optimization
After the launch, the real work begins for some of our experts: technical maintenance, system updates, technical support, security checks, hosting and server operation, monitoring and optimization must be carried out consistently and professionally.
Nahaufnahme von Verbindungskabeln in einem Serverrack

It’s All About (Agile) Project Management

As with our web projects, we usually work according to the SCRUM method in agile teams. However, we allow ourselves to adapt the method to the needs of the project instead of adapting the project to the method.

Project Support in All Scrum Roles

Intranet projects usually have numerous stakeholders and parameters. We are happy to support you in the management of your intranet project, be it by supporting the product owner or by taking on the role of scrum master.

EIn Portrait von FONDA Geschäftsführer Hans Auer mit Kamera
Hans Auer.
Managing Director, Design, Project Managemant

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Hier sieht man eine Karte von Zentral- und Osteuropa mit verschieden eingefärbten Ländern.
Intranet for 25,000 Employees
VIG - Vienna Insurance Group
Hier sieht man eine Karte von Zentral- und Osteuropa mit verschieden eingefärbten Ländern.
Intranet for 25,000 Employees
VIG - Vienna Insurance Group
User-oriented conception, design, and technical implementation of the international intranet of the insurance group.
VIG - Vienna Insurance Group
Logo des VBV
Intranet for the Entire Group
Logo des VBV
Intranet for the Entire Group
Powerful intranet with a focus on transferring knowledge
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