TYPO3 Your agency for programming and maintenance of TYPO3 websites.

We are one of the leading TYPO3 agencies in Austria with more than 15 years of experience in programming and maintaining TYPO3 websites.


TYPO3 Agency

We have been using TYPO3 as a powerful enterprise open-source CMS since 2005 and have implemented over 150 large and small TYPO3 website projects. Our developers are among the leading TYPO3 experts in Austria. Our focus is on excellent code quality and high usability for editors. We stand by TYPO3 as a flexible, stable open-source system that can be used to implement even the most unusual customer requests.

TYPO3 websites launched
editors trained on TYPO3
ca. 200
extensions programmed
content pages on our largest TYPO3 website

We build and maintain both small TYPO3 websites and large multisite instances, e.g.:

Schloss Schönbrunn: Multisite instance with 7 websites

Meduni Vienna: Multisite instance with around 300 planned individual websites

Falstaff-Living and the rest of the Fallstaff family of sites with more than 90,000 pages of content

Lower Austrian State Health Agency: Multi-site instance with approx. 60 individual websites

What makes a Good TYPO3 Website

Understand Users and Editors
In the conception phase, it is important to identify and consider the needs and expectations of users. The working methods and workflow of the editorial team also plays a major role from the outset in order to be able to ensure efficient processes in the creation of content and the high-quality maintenance. For this reason, we attach particular importance to clean, tidy, logically structured editing interfaces and create a "playground" for editors with all modules and elements for our TYPO3 projects, which serves as a reference and testing area.
Blending Technology with Concept and Design
From years of experience, we know that developing a website on a "assembly line" does not succeed. To achieve the best results, a cohesive team of web developers, UX specialists, and designers must work closely together.
A man and a woman in conversation
Technically Perfect Implementation of the Concept
TYPO3 sets no limits on even the most surprising concepts. Clean code guarantees optimal performance and uncomplicated maintenance.

TYPO3 Programming and Maintenance You can Count On

Forward Planning

In our designs, we rely on smart ideas and perfect craftsmanship instead of short-lived trends. We make websites that focus on customer benefits. By this we also mean the sustainability of the digital solution. Or to put it another way: websites from Fonda last longer.

Always State-of-the-Art

Digitization means that the world is turning ever faster: new ideas are spreading globally, and consumer habits are rapidly changing. With a FONDA TYPO3 maintenance contract, our customers can be sure that their digital solutions remain state-of-the-art not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of content and concept.

Carefree and Safe

As a leading system, TYPO3 offers the greatest possible security: a new LTS version is released every year and a half, for which free security updates are made available for three years. With the “Extended Long-Term Support” the protection can be extended to a total of six years. Our customers with a maintenance contract do not have to worry about any of this: we take care of all security updates and ensure digital security.

In addition to the specialized TYPO3 security team, the worldwide developer community ensures security. In contrast to proprietary systems, the source code is open, so that security gaps can be quickly identified and closed.

Why TYPO3?

A Future-proof Enterprise Content Management System
TYPO3 is one of the leading open-source enterprise content management systems (CMS). It forms the basis for more than 500,000 websites, portals, intranets and web and mobile apps worldwide. Due to the scalability, flexibility and the large number of functions and extensions, this system is suitable for small but sophisticated websites as well as for global, multilingual, complex corporate and organizational websites with a wealth of content and data sets. TYPO3 was created in 1997 by Kasper Skårhøjun, a Danish developer, and continues to grow rapidly.

Website TYPO3

Interesting Community TYPO3 Statistics

Widely Distributed in the DACH-region.

TYPO3 is particularly widespread in the DACH region – both as an enterprise CMS and for medium-sized websites. This means that instead of being dependent on one agency, you can access numerous developer resources.

Hier sieht man ein Diagramm nach Ländern, mit den meisten Typo3-Nutzern.

Open Source

Since TYPO3 is not associated with any license costs, valuable resources and budgets can be used for the optimal configuration and well-thought-out individualization of the system. The large, committed TYPO3 open-source Community ensures that TYPO3 is on a par with large license-based systems in terms of functionality and innovation, even in the enterprise sector. The renowned security of TYPO3 is ensured by quickly closing security gaps, among other measures.

Scalable, Flexible and Expandability

With a modular structure, TYPO3 can be adapted to the requirements and needs of any company with thousands of free extensions. The open-source code allows us to develop additional extensions in-house for specific use cases. Because of its high flexibility in terms of interfaces/APIs, TYPO3 can be easily connected to other systems (databases, CRM, ERP, sales systems, media asset management, social media, shop systems, payment, and much more).

The fact that TYPO3 runs on common server technology (PHP, MySQL and Apache or NGINX) simplifies setup and maintenance and guarantees maximum expandability.

Easy Operation for Editors – also on Smartphones

TYPO3 is characterized by high user-friendliness. Editors quickly learn how to use TYPO3. Thanks to the hierarchical, easy-to-understand structure, editors can keep track of large amounts of content. Every step – from installation to configuration and customization to daily operation – is designed to be intuitive, even on smartphones. A particular strength is the convenient management of many data sets and extensive content. For example, one website we manage has over 200,000 articles and over 90,000 pages of content.

Global Community of Experts

The widespread use of TYPO3 worldwide, and especially in German-speaking countries, ensures intensive networking between the very active developer community and other experts. This ensures the continuous further development of the system.

installations worldwide
penetration in Austria
aprox. 80.000
registered developers
free extensions for a wide variety of purposes

Suitable for Large Website Families

We have successfully used TYPO3 in several projects for large website families with dozens of individual websites within a multisite instance.

Security and Stability

Security has been one of the core values of TYPO3 for over 20 years. Free security patches are provided immediately and installed easily with little effort as part of website maintenance. However, security patches are comparatively rarely necessary because the system is generally stable and secure. Even TYPO3 installations where no security patches have been installed for years – sometimes we take over systems in such a state – are relatively secure compared to other CMS systems, because TYPO3 is generally not the focus of hackers. Nevertheless, we recommend the careful and complete application of all security patches!

Planning security is provided by the Long-Term Support that TYPO3 offers as standard for three years, which can optionally be extended by a further three years with the “Extended Plan” (ELTS). The system’s good upgradeability also ensures lasting security and stability.

Top Search and Filtering with Solr Search

The combination of Apache Solr Search and TYPO3 is unbeatable when it comes to powerful, high-performance and user-friendly search and filter functionality.

Individual Access Permissions

TYPO3 has a differentiated authorization system with which complex access authorizations and release processes for different groups, users, websites, pages and page content (e.g. workspaces, different login areas / user areas) can be managed.

Native Multilingualism

A particular strength of TYPO3 compared to many other common CMS solutions is its suitability for multilingual websites. The configuration and editorial maintenance of multilingual websites (incl. right-to-left languages such as Arabic) work easily and intuitively with TYPO3.

Adoption of Existing TYPO3 Systems

More and more frequently we are asked to take over existing TYPO3 installations from other agencies. Ideally, this happens in a coordinated manner with the help of clean documentation and a handover workshop. If this is not possible, we can manage without it 🙂

Ein Portrait von FONDA Mitarbeiter Thomas Trenz
Thomas Trenz.
Lead TYPO3, Programming

Reference Projects.

All projects
Hier sieht man ein Foto des Schloss Schönbrunn.
Imperial Appearance
Hier sieht man ein Foto des Schloss Schönbrunn.
Imperial Appearance
Complete development of a new user-oriented website family for the attractions of the Schönbrunn Group.
Das Logo des Meduni Iwen vor einem Foto aus einem behandlungszimmer
Digital Communication - approx. 150 Websites
Medical University Vienna
Das Logo des Meduni Iwen vor einem Foto aus einem behandlungszimmer
Digital Communication - approx. 150 Websites
Medical University Vienna
Conception, design and technical implementation of the university's website family
Medical University Vienna
01 06