200 Websites for Austria’s export industry
Advantage Austria

Innovative website family for the approximately 200 foreign trade offices in Austria

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce operates the foreign trade organization ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA. This is the main point of contact for foreign companies that are interested in the Austrian market looking to find business partners here.

As the official portal for Austrian business abroad, www.advantageaustria.org is the most important online presence for the domestic export economy and positions Austria internationally as an important economic partner. With its approximately 200 country websites in a total of 28 languages, the portal demonstrates the performance and innovative strength of domestic companies.

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Perfect user experience

The target group for the website family at www.advantageaustria.org spans the globe. It was therefore particularly important that the operation of the portal was perceived to be clear and simple worldwide.

Country Websites

Optimal UX – Worldwide

Together with a team from Advantage Austria we developed the concept and design for this important website family. In particular, the following factors for success were decisive:

  • Understandable and easy to use across different cultures and writing systems (left-to-right / right-to-left).
  • Modular structure, as the approximately 200 foreign trade offices have very different requirements and resources for content generation and maintenance.
  • Modern design that reflects the innovative power of the Austrian export economy.
  • Efficient search for optimal matching between interested parties and Austrian exporters.
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