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Video Diversity

  • Explanation Videos, Tutorials Seite umdrehen
    Explanation Videos, Tutorials

    With the use of short videos, complex products, services and topics are more easily understood than with the use of text and images alone

  • Interactive Videos Seite umdrehen
    Interactive Videos

    Videos have become the norm on the web. Around 100,000 videos are viewed on YouTube every second. The next step are interactive videos or those supporting interactions, such as the filling in of online forms.

  • Website Intros /
    Image Clips Seite umdrehen
    Website Intros /
    Image Clips

    More and more websites use full screen videos on their start page. This ensures strong image communication. What is important is their implementation, especially load times and their display on various smart devices (responsive web design).

  • Animated Videos Seite umdrehen
    Animated Videos

    Abstract and complex messages can often be conveyed more effectively (and cost-effectively) using animated graphics and illustrations than real images.

  • Ads Seite umdrehen

    In general, we create commercials in such a way that they work on television as well as – maybe in excerpts – as pre-roll and display ads.

  • Corporate Videos Seite umdrehen
    Initiative Gas
    Corporate Videos

    Nothing conveys images better than a video. A good corporate video does not just communicate a company’s character, it also shapes it.

  • Videos for Internal Communication Seite umdrehen
    Generali Deutschland
    Videos for Internal Communication

    Videos are ideally suited to convey messages, news or guidelines within an organization. Because how many people actually read internal messages on an intranet?

  • Viral Videos Seite umdrehen
    Virale Videos
    Viral Videos

    Viral videos are produced for independent, mass dissemination on social media. There is no set formula to achieve this. Crucial factors are authenticity and originality.

  • And Much More Seite umdrehen
    And Much More
    • Branded Entertainment
    • Corporate TV
    • Product Videos
    • Event Videos
    • ...

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Interactive Videos

Registration processes and forms can be complicated and tedious on the web. This leads to cancelations and therefore to lower conversion. An explanatory video can greatly simplify the filling in of an online form and it might even be fun.

In this example a presenter helps with the registration for Bank Austria SmartBanking.

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Anna Watson
Anna Watson

Head of Creation

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Hans Auer

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Josef Bacher

Production & Development

Distribution and Marketing

Alexandra Haid
Alexandra Haid

Distribution & Marketing


The cooperation with FONDA was highly professional and uncomplicated. The new VOR ticket rate system was explained in just 90 seconds in an easy-to understand and simple way. We are very satisfied with the result and would recommend the FONDA team to anyone.

Brigitte Rieser

Head of Marketing
VOR - Der Verkehrsverbund

Brigitte Rieser

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