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What is TYPO3?

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is one of the leading open source content management systems (CMS) worldwide. It forms the basis for more than 500,000 websites, portals, intranets and web and mobile apps. Its scalability, flexibility, and rich feature set and extensions make it suitable for both small websites, as well as for websites of global, multi-lingual, complex enterprises or organizations with a wealth of content and data.

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Why We Work with TYPO3

  • Scalable, Flexible and Expandable
    Scalable, Flexible
    and Expandable

    Modular in design, TYPO3 can be customized to meet the needs of any business with thousands of free extensions. The open source code allows us to develop further extensions for every specific application in-house. Due to a high degree of flexibility in the design of interfaces, TYPO3 can be easily connected to external databases.

  • Easy Use

    TYPO3 is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. Editors can quickly learn how to use TYPO3. Thanks to its hierarchical, easy-to-understand structure, editors can keep track of even large amounts of content. Every step - from installation to configuration, customization to daily operation - is intuitive.

  • Security and Stability
    and Stability

    Safety has been one of the basic values ​​of TYPO3 for 20 years. Free security updates are provided on a regular basis, which can be easily installed as part of website maintenance. Planning security is provided by long-term support, which TYPO3 automatically offers for three years but which can be extended for a further two years with the "Extended Plan".

  • Individual Access Rights
    Access Rights

    TYPO3 has a sophisticated authorization system that can be used to set even complex access permission and approval processes for different groups, users, websites, pages and page content.

  • A Global Community of Experts
    A Global
    Community of Experts

    The worldwide popularity of TYPO3 ensures intensive networking between an active, global developer community and other experts. This ensures unbureaucratic, professional service.

  • Open Source Enterprise CMS
    Open Source
    Enterprise CMS

    Since TYPO3 does not involve any license fees, valuable resources and budgets can be used for the optimal configuration and sophisticated customization of the system.

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A Service You Can Count On

    • Foresighted Planning
    • In our concepts we rely on smart ideas and perfect craftsmanship instead of short-lived trends. We make websites that focus on customer value. By this we mean the sustainability of digital solutions. In other words, Fonda websites last longer.

    • Always State-of-the-Art
    • Digitization is turning the world faster: new ideas are spreading globally, and consumer habits are changing rapidly. With a Fonda maintenance contract, our customers can make sure that their digital solutions remain state-of-the-art, not just technically, but also in terms of content and concept.

    • Safe and Carefree
    • As one of the leading content management systems worldwide, TYPO3 offers the highest level of security. Every half a year, a new LTS version is released for which free security updates will be provided for three years. With extended long-term support, protection can be extended to a total of five years. And our customers do not have to worry about a maintenance contract: we handle all security updates and provide digital security.
      In addition to the specialized TYPO3 security team, the global developer community provides an added layer of safety. In contrast to proprietary systems, the source code is open so that vulnerabilities can be quickly found and dealt with.

A One-Stop Service

We are Fonda, an agency for digital media and communication. For more than ten years we have been developing TYPO3 websites and apps for large corporations, medium-sized businesses and organizations, as well as small businesses. We believe in TYPO3 as a flexible, stable system with which even extraordinary customer requirements can be realized.

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Anna Watson
Anna Watson

Head of Conception

Design & User

Andreas Hoefert
Andreas Höfert

UX Design


Thomas Trenz
Thomas Trenz

Head of Technology


Iris Engelmayer
Iris Engelmayer

Project Management

Mag. Johannes Angerer

We teamed up with Fonda to develop and implement a new website. The modern and compact appearance underlines the international significance of the Medical University of Vienna and offers visitors a comprehensive service. Thanks to the professional collaboration with Fonda the high requirements were met with no effort and won several nominations for the most prestigious communications awards.

Mag. Johannes Angerer

Head of Communications and Public Relations
Medical University of Vienna

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Johanna Zeilinger
Johanna Zeilinger

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T: +43-1-8901589-12


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Our Latest TYPO3 References

VBV Website-Familie & Kundenportal
VBV Website-Family & Customer Portal

Complex content and high usability for different target groups

VOR – Verkehrsbund Ost-Region
VOR – Verkehrsbund Ost-Region

Redesign based on TYPO3, including a route planner and a clever cost calculator widget

Medizinische Universität Wien
Medical University of Vienna

Extensive amount of content and special plug-in developments for events, social media, etc.

IMP - Research Institute of Molecular Pathology
IMP – Research Institute of Molecular Pathology

TYPO3 implementation with interfaces for events, publications and a People Finder


Connection to a database with the recognition of international vocational qualifications

Natex Prozesstechnologie
Natex Prozess­technologie

Presentation of state-of-the-art technology and connection to a project database